Let us worry about your data privacy and cyber security!

Data Protection Consulting for Small Teams

Keeping your data and business safe involves three steps: making sure you're using safe tools, becoming and staying compliant with relevant data privacy laws (such as the GDPR), and aligning all your processes with cyber security standards. Have you completed all three?

Regulatory compliance

Ensuring proper legal and process documentation is in place is the first step towards building data protection into every aspect of your organization. Training your staff to utilize that documentation and operationalize it is what needs to follow. We can help you with both.

Security measures

The GDPR and other privacy laws require teams to guarantee the safety of the data they are managing. ISO 27001, NIST framework and PCI DSS are just a few standards your organization might be obligated to adhere to. Our team can help you implement any security measure.

Benefits of compliance

Good privacy measures lead to more trust from customers and that can result in a competitive advantage for small businesses:
  • Collect better and more useful data
  • Assess and minimize your cyber risk exposure
  • Ensure you're working with the safest 3rd party vendors
  • Secure every aspect of your business and processes

What we can do for you

Regardless of where your company is on the road to regulatory compliance, we can offer expert guidance every step of the way:
  • Gap and current state analysis
  • Development of incident response plans
  • Implementation and adoption of security measures
  • Operationalization of data privacy regulations and policies

Let us worry about your data privacy and cyber security