Does your team have all the tools and resources to work remotely and securely?

Digital Transformation For Small Organizations

The global pandemic has forced a number of small organizations, NGOs, non-profits and charities to move all their processes online, and has revealed a huge need for quick digital transformation. That's where we come in- we can help you become a tech-enabled organization.


Our team helps you identify the platforms, applications, tools, software and hardware you need to complete all your core organizational tasks online and in a secure manner.


We act as the remote IT team that helps you transform into a tech-enabled organization and supports you while you focus on programs that are making a social impact.
Transform into a tech-enabled organization at a pace and price that suit your resources and capabilities.

How we can help:

  • Technology sourcing: we will research and identify the tools, platforms and applications that will work for you.
  • Implementation: any technology we identify as appropriate for your needs, we can help you set up and install.
  • Ongoing support: we remain as your remote IT team, ready to troubleshoot any issues or new problems that can arise.
  • Data privacy and security: making your organization more secure is the goal of all our advice and at the core of our business.

Why us?

With COVID-19 changing life and work as we know it, small organizations suddenly have to face the lack of tools and capabilities that are necessary for a seamless transition into remote work. The issue is that most small teams do not have an in-house IT department that can help them research, source, select and implement the technology they need to adapt quickly.

We can be that team.

Our consultants have worked for international and local non-profits for years. Because of this we know the constraints and limitations you face when it comes to your budget and digital capabilities, and that you need technological solutions you can implement easily and continue to use in a sustainable manner.