Are your operations and processes in line with the GDPR?

GDPR Compliance

Use your commitment to data privacy and security as an added value proposition, and avoid massive fines. We will do all the work for you: from auditing your internal processes to ensuring ongoing compliance.

Step 1: Initial GDPR compliance

We will analyze your current processes, complete a privacy impact and risk assessment, and help you change and improve your practices so you can become GDPR compliant.

Step 2: Ongoing compliance

Your company is constantly changing and cyber laws keep evolving. We will develop sustainable practices, ones you can easily modify and adapt as your circumstances change.

Our services:

If you are a company that processes or controls data of EU citizens or residents, or even just targets this demographic through online marketing, you need to be GDPR compliant. With us, you do not need an in-house IT team because we can develop the policies you need, adjust your processes and implement all technological changes, leading you through each step:
  • Define data flows
  • Develop privacy and cookie policies
  • Document processes
  • Set up an incident response plan in case of a breach
  • Audit your data flow and third party vendors
  • Train your staff to avoid errors
  • Ensure your business continuity
  • Avoid 20M € or 4% of annual turnover in fines

Let us worry about your data privacy and cyber security